18 January 2010

You Rocked My World, You Know You Did...

Last night was by far one of the most boring of award shows; red carpet included. There was no pizazz, no sparkle - ok maybe a little, but overall I can't say that the Golden Globes is my favorite of shows during this most amazing and sartorially challenging season. I'm sure you've already seen the long list of hits and misses on the carpet - for the most part there weren't a lot of hits due to Mother Nature making a grand and uninvited entrance. But for those stars that did stand out (Top Left to Right - Zoe Saldana (Louis Vuitton), Tom Ford and Julianne Moore (Balenciaga), Marion Cotillard (Christian Dior), and Drew Barrymore (Atelier Versace)) they proved that style, poise, and grandeur attitude rain or shine is the testament of a true style icon!

But we all know there can only be one winner - even in the game of kick ass style. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you,

Chloe Sevigny - Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series

The Valentino masterpiece she wore - unchicly (spell check) ripped by the amateur usher as she was accepting her award (I mean, if you know that you are going to be escorting thousands of dollars of couture dreams and fantasies on stage, imma need you to be a little more careful is all I'm saying) was by far the best gown (in my opinion) in the entire place! Period! To the Globes editor that misspelled Chloe's name (Chloi), imma need you to exit stage left!

Like my dear boy, Michael said (God rest his soul). Chloe, you rocked my world, you know you did...

Photo Credits: Style.com

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Sharde Charades said...

Yesss Chloe!! Absolutely STUNNING!!!