29 February 2012

Bold Beginnings...

Extra-Fine Merino Wool Sweater, Uniqlo; DIY Bleached Jeans, Loomstate

Black & White Striped Socks, H&M; Shoes, Cole Haan

Bold patterned socks, bleached denim, and brogues make for a stylish start to the week. With so many fashion week photos clogging my BlogLovin feed, I've been inspired by my male counterparts, mostly in Milan, to want to apply a more tailored approach to my look. The shoes were a recent score from the Saks outlet (Off 5th) - the only good thing about living in Fort Misery (Fort Myers), FL is the close proximity to so many outlet shopping centers. The shoes were originally priced at $225 and I was able to purchase them for $110! I have to say these were probably my first adult shoe purchase that basically motivated me to want to up my shoe game going forward - let's just say I'm taking a quality over quantity approach going forward with my wardrobe. 

Ernest B.

06 January 2012

Time & Time Again...

J.Crew Andros Timex Watch 

Let's start this post off right - Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but I'm really looking forward to what 2012 has in store for me, the blog, and my career in fashion pr. Every year around this time, I always try and find something to add to my wardrobe that will be timeless (pun intended) and an investment in my overall GROWN MAN STYLE.