29 January 2010

I Like My Money Right Where I Can See It, Hanging In My Closet....

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The perfect line that describes why I, Ernest Bee, who has a full time job, can never keep money in my pocket. Well, NO MORE! I want more than just cheap thrills. I want stability and freedom, that's the life for me, and I won't stop till I reach the top (stepping off my soap box now).

I put these little gold coins on this sweater myself because I, who can never keep money, prefer to wear it, literally! No, these aren't real gold coins, but could you imagine if they were... My coworker promised to buy me a Bedazzler for my bday (which is March 18th by the way), here's hoping.

Uniqlo DIY gold coin sweater worn with my Levi 510 Super Skinny jeans. The perfect conversation piece for casual Fridays in the office.

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Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Love the sweater!!!!