21 January 2010

Virgin, Crispy Red Sole...

There is nothing more intoxicating, more decadent, more shoe-gasm causing than a crisp red, virgin sole! My dear friends, feast your eyes and wag your tongues at this. It is said that Monsieur Christian Louboutin got the idea of painting his soles red, from an annoying assistant who always painted her nails red while in the office. How utterly, romantic?!

These never been worn, classic, Patent Mary Janes are from one of the chicest NY Mom's I've ever met - in case you couldn't tell from the baby pic on her desk, yes, this woman has a full time job. I love women who have careers, families, but most important constant, unchanging STYLE! Sometimes in life, women especially, are made to make sacrifices to have it all - apparently shoes is not one of them. Oh, just thinking about their first parade around the concrete jungle brings me so much excitement. On the street they'll scream, "Make way, step aside! Move the hell outta the way!" Oh, God Bless America and overpriced happiness!

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