29 June 2010

Rock On...


T-Shirt: Banana Republic; Vest: Target; Jeans: Levi 510 Super Skinny; Shoes: Zara; Necklace: Chico's; Watch: Michael Kors


This week I decided to lay my clothes out for the entire week on Sunday. That's right, I went through my wardrobe this past Sunday and picked out 5 outfits I wanted to wear to work for the entire week. Not only was this very therapeutic, it was hella convenient! I wake up every morning not having to worry about standing in my closet for 30 minutes thinking to myself what am I going to wear today...it's all right there. Predetermined destiny if you will.

That's kinda what our style is, a predetermined destiny of looks, designers, trends, etc that we are constantly be drawn to. These aren't predetermined in terms of things we don't have control over, but predetermined in a sense that once we determine who we are...we set ourselves up to constantly go through life finding and collecting those things that continuously define the person we defined so long ago. Losing you yet??

Again, another week is dwindling down. Tomorrow's hump day and brings me closer to my road trip to Orlando with my good friend, James. Super excited and need to just pick up a few things to take with me on my trip. Will have to do a post on what I'm bringing with me and the fun DVF weekend bag I'm taking with me. Uber chic, classic, and so perfect!

Happy Tuesday...

27 June 2010

Bullet Proof...


Shirt: H&M; Pants: GAP; Shoes: Zara; Belt:Gift; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelet: Silly Band


Sometimes wearing pants with a roll in them can be a little tricky if not done right. The look can go from summer chic to Huckleberry Fin real quick! I think I pulled it off rather nicely...what do you think?

The belt was a special gift from someone at work! I died when I saw it and she gave it to me; knowing that I would give it a great home in my wardrobe. It's a slim black leather belt with metal studs and crystals all over it. Pretty sick if I have to say. Will surely take some better shots of it this week. It definitely added the right amount of edge to the entire ensemble.

So this is the last week in June and it's really hard to believe that the 4th of July is this Sunday. Where is time going...the days are all merging together and I seriously can't keep up anymore. My friend and I are traveling down to Disney World for the weekend and I'm super excited because I've never been! That's right, I'm a 24yr old man that has never been to Disney world and I can hardly wait. Anyone been? What should I do? Who should I see? What should I eat...remember, vegetarian suggestions only :)

So let's hear it, any big plans for the 4th?

26 June 2010

Sit Back And Enjoy The View...




Though I may complain about my boring life in Fort Myers, FL...I do have to say that it's times like this and scenes like this that make me appreciate the place for all its sunny side glory. These were taking on my last boat ride around the city. How beautiful...At the exact moment I took each of these images, I felt a moment of complete and utter bliss. A complete tranquil state of completion.

Happy Saturday.

24 June 2010

The Uniform Project

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

I don't know about you, but when I heard about Sheena Matheiken and her Uniform Project I was completely shocked and amazed at her notion to only wear one dress for one year to help children in India's slums go to school. The Uniform Project has helped but over 200+ children in India go to school through the Akanksha Foundation. By pledging to only wear one dress for 365 days, Sheena would only be able to dress up or down the look through accessories and jewelry that was either vintage, thrifted, or handed down to her.

Talk about sustainability in fashion! Many of us would shutter at the thought of only wearing one article of clothing for a complete year! Not Sheena, partnering with her designer friend, she had 7 identical dresses designed for each day of the week. The dress was designed so it could essentially be worn 3 ways - forward, backwards, or as an open tunic. Seriously, watching the video is so inspiring and down right MOTIVATIONAL! The creativity and originality that went into each look (the project began May 2009 and recently ended this year) is truly something that takes a lot of guts and tenacity. To limit one's look to only be centered around a staple piece is challenging to say the least. But I guess when you are doing it for a good cause...failure really isn't an option.

So many people donated items to Sheena and even donated money for her cause. This is what happens when the world units and stands up for a singular viewpoint and common goal. Call it Socialism, call it stupid, but how amazing is it when children that never thought they would ever be able to go school, finally get the chance to grow and develop their little minds...anyone have a Kleenex?

Sheena's project spoke to me because I am constantly going back and forth over quality vs quantity. No matter what, too many choices can be daunting and at many times, handicapping. If we were limited to only a few pieces in our wardrobe that we knew were solid wins, we would truly be inspired and motivated to work and try different looks to reinvent those same classic pieces. I believe this is where true style is born...when you can take a few, key staple items, and create solid looks that define who you are, not who fashion says you are this season, that's what makes a true icon. And, while I enjoy fast fashion (Zara, H&M, and Forever21 anyone) it's refreshing to know that true iconography is born from those that work with few tools but build masterpieces.

So what say you...one look, one year...could you do it?

23 June 2010

Sometimes It Just Works...

Polo: J.Crew; Jeans: 510 Super Skinny; Shoes: Zara; Watch: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: Club Monaco


My J.Crew polos finally arrived last week (the shipping is crazy fast - it took about 4 days) and I definitely feel like I made the right choice in getting so many colors for the wardrobe. These are probably one of the nicest polos I've worn in a long time...compared to the ones I own from Mr.Polo himself, Ralph Lauren.

That's really what I love about J.Crew, they provide quality basics at a great price that you buy now, wear now, and love forever! Today in mailbox I received my July catalog and boy oh boy, the imaginary Black Card in my wallet is burning a hole in my pocket! Must chant..Patience son, PATIENCE...

Praying that I not spend my life savings on these amazing pieces. Ugh, they get me every time!

22 June 2010

Such A Beautiful Day...






All of this for $18!

Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market are becoming a ritual for a good friend and I. Getting up a little earlier than I would like to on an off day (before 10am), we head out to scour the edible jewels that the farmer's have for selling. You can tell from the pictures above that they have quite a lot to offer and the prices are so cheap!

I seriously don't believe I will ever step foot in a produce isle again - except maybe to buy fruit (from Whole Foods) the fruit from the Markets out here aren't all that great I have to say. But just look at those beautiful colors. Becoming a vegetarian is truly so much easier when you have amazing ingredients to work with - I mean hello, beauty on the inside (food) = beauty on the outside!

20 June 2010

Jersey's Not A Good Look For Me...



So pretty much, I'm sure you are all aware that the Lakers won last Thursday's game - finishing the series with more wins and taking home their consecutive Champ title. I mean, did the Celtics seriously think they were going to win against my boy Kobe?!

My outfit at the office on Friday showed my team spirit without requiring me to wear a jersey and still remain professionally chic - remember I work in fashion. Queen "We Are The Champions" will be the theme song for this here post...Just let it rock out my friends...let it rock out!

16 June 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star...

One day we will look back at the evolution of blogs and their everlasting effect on the Fashion industry. Here's hoping this here blog tickles your fancy and you follow it using BlogLovin...

14 June 2010

When All The Stars Are Aligned...


L to R: Anna Wintour (American Vogue); Carine Roitfeld (Paris Vogue); Anna Dello Russo (Japan Vogue); Franca Sozzani (Italian Vogue); Kate Lanphear (American Elle); Giovanna Battaglia (Italian Men's Vogue)

Even as cartoons, they're still inspiring! My muses and inspirations that inspire me to be myself no matter what anyone else thinks or says! That's why we have fashion and most importantly...how we develop STYLE!

Photo Credit: Isabelle Oziol De Pignol
Source: AnnaDelloRusso.com

13 June 2010

Anything But Casual...



Shirt: GAP; Harem Pants: American Apparel; Shoes: Aldo; Necklace: Chico's; Watch: Michael Kors



What is casual anymore? Harem pants in the summer are definitely the way to go. I just found these lodged in the back of my closet - reorganization is underway. Googling closet designs for inspiration. It's all about the organization of one's life that will bring the greatest reward. I'll probably be able to find a lot more things and eliminate the extra 5 minutes at night trying to find my favorite key items. Just saying...

Wore this on Friday to the office and the necklace was cherry on top the cake. Chico's is really doing their thing and the accessories are on fire and just what I'm looking for. Instantly this "casual" outfit is boosted to another plateau of hauteness! Leopard print...if only I had some leopard print loafers...Let the search begin!

12 June 2010

Truer Words Never Spoken...

If there is harmony between ITSELF
and his own BODY, a STYLE will born.

2) When you don't feel to dress
means that you are depressed.

3) If you like to be relaxed, you will
never get the LOOK.
Fashion is always UNCOMFORTABLE!

4) NO matter the size of your body!
FASHION to flatter every figure
(VOGUE US April 2010)

5) Wear just NIGHT-CLOTHES
in daytime.

6) Color me! ACCESSORIZE me!
shock me!

7) FASHION is such stuff as
DREAMS are made on...

8) Fashion is a MUSE,
you must seduce her.

9) Shall we dance? take your MUSE
to dance, fashion loves music.

10) So between FASHION and STYLE?
Absolutely FASHION... is less
pretentious, is authentic.
FASHION is declaration of own freedom.

Fashion and style according to the legendary Anna Dello Russo - EIC of Vogue Japan. Man, I love this woman...Like my wardrobe, this blog is a collection of thoughts, art and inspirations - some my own and some from visionaries I stumble across. Please check out Anna's blog.

The stuff that dreams are made of...

Is My Tie On Straight...

Vest: H&M; Shirt: J.Crew; Jeans: Levis 510 Super Skinny; Espadrilles: Forever21; Tie: Vintage; Watch: Michael Kors; Rings: All Saints and Spencer Gifts




Learning more and more what looks best on me in this blistering heatwave we call summer in Florida. Button ups with rolled sleeves, vests, skinny jeans, ties/bowties, loafers or lace up oxfords. Getting dressed every morning is becoming easier and easier because I'm becoming more confident in who I am and my style! I love looking pulled together - a serving of classic with some edge and fun on the side.

The pattern mixing I'm achieving with this look is BANANAS! Plaid shirt with circle pattern tie and floral print espadrilles. Completely unexpected and all the more appealing. After seeing these pics, I'm thinking the look would have really been a showstopper if the vest had gold buttons...oh boy, another DIY project under way!

Stay Tuned....

11 June 2010

Since It's For A Good Cause...

Black Burlap Classics $54

Khaki Harbour Cordones $69

Olive Canvas Classics $44

Seaport Vegan Classics $54

I have to admit, when these shoes first came out I thought they reminded me of an upgraded Birkenstock. You know, straight tree hugger status. Clearly my perception of them have changed as I now have a wish list of the styles that I'll need for my wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable (from what I hear) and stylishly out of this world. And, knowing that for every shoe purchased, a child receives a pair of shoes to go to school in, is all the more reason to load up on a few styles for the summer. Hey, it's for a good cause.

Imagine these with a slim suit, or a pair of over-sized rolled hem trousers and a white button up, or harem pants and a t-shirt...oh, I'm playing dress up in my head. Always a good sign I've got a winner on my hands. Will definitely have to update you as I collect these beauties for the wardrobe.

Happy Friday...

10 June 2010

With A Cherry On Top...

Hermes Reversible "H" Buckle Leather Belt

You know it and I know it...the right accessories can help take a look to a completely different place if done right. The cherry on top of your fashion sundae. Women have the luxury of endless bags and purses to help transform some of the most bland of outfits to works of sartorial art. Having discovered the power of a good shoe early on, I'm now in the market for the perfect belt to take my wardrobe of simplistic, classic pieces to a new place.


The Hermes "H" Buckle Reversible belt is definitely a heavy hitter. It would truly take a white oxford, skinny jeans and loafers to a completely different place, a la Nicky Hilton in the above image. The second image shows the belt's power on a completely styled out look. Again, cherry on top! Retailing at $585, it's just a little pricey for a frugalista like myself. Here's hoping I can find one on Ebay or at a great consignment shop in Naples, FL or New York City. A piece like this would be a true collector's item...and that's what I want my wardrobe to be, a collection of items I've amassed over the years that tell a story about me, and no one else.

Funny how a piece of leather can have such a profound impact on one's self actualization...

Photo Credits: Google, Denimology, Chictopia

09 June 2010

Where's My EASY Button...







If I had an EASY button for summer office dressing, I'd press it every morning I woke up! With the ever rising temperatures, it gets harder and harder to look professional and stylishly put together without melting on my way from the car to the office. I definitely have to agree that living here in Florida has taught me the simplicity of looking my best - easy fabrics and lots of great accessories is the only way one can make it out alive.

When it comes to summer dressing, there's definitely some things that are just basic essentials, and the above polos fall into that category. These are from J.Crew and at about $20 a pop - love the Extra 20% off summer sale - these will be in SERIOUS rotation as the summer burns on. Total I think I spent $130 including shipping for these 6 beauties. The colors are seasonless and will work nicely with the pieces I currently have in my wardrobe.

Little by little I'm acquiring a collection of items that I'll wear now and LOVE forever.

Where's My Trapper Keeper...

Filson Rucksack in Otter Green





If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I've been on the eternal hunt for a stylish, classic, everlasting backpack. My lust for the PS1 by CFDA dream team, Proenza Schouler, will have to wait until I'm able to drop such a large amount on a bag without breaking a sweat. Until then, the backpack will be the perfect alternative. Definitely experiencing a crazy resurgence of epic proportions, Spring 2010 runways perhaps, the backpack's functionality and upgraded appeal is definitely worth looking further into.

My search began with the Louis Vuitton Montsouris GM Backpack that was made famous by the infamous Louis Vuitton Don himself, Kanye West back in the early 2000's. While the bag is definitely a classic, I had to ask myself if I really needed to own a logo emblazoned bag in 2010. I definitely feel it's way more chic to quietly walk past and have people wondering where you got something, rather than have it scream - LOUIS VUITTON. No offense to Marc and the fabulous team at LVMH, but I'll leave the logo bags to the rappers and million dollar ads in Vogue and Elle.

The Filson Rucksack in Otter Green is that perfect combination of functionality and fashion. I love the leather straps and gold detailing; a nod to the utilitarian trend for sure. Large enough for the ole MacBook, camera, and charger - dimensions are 15" W x 17" H x 5" D. This is going to be my everyday bag for sure. I definitely feel that the pack is here to stay. I mean, to have your hands free for endless emailing and texting, scouring racks for vintage finds, and evenly distributing weight on either side is definitely not a bad thing at all.

Photo Credits: Selectism.com

05 June 2010

Could It Really Be All That Bad...



Shirt: H&M; Jeans: Levi 510 Super Skinny; Shoes: Zara; Sunglasses: Prada; Watch Ted Baker


Made a huge decision last week while I was home in DC. Decided that I, Ernest James Bannister Jr. will become a vegan! Yes, that's right...I said, V E G A N.

It all started when I was watching an old episode of Oprah when she had food author Michael Pollan on there and he talked about how genetically altered our food was. They even showed clips from the movie, Food Inc. and one farmer talked about how the chickens are fed hormones to make them grow faster and bigger in less amount of time. The chickens grow at such an alarming rate their bones and muscles can't keep up and they basically fall over and just lay there. Um, I'm cool on that note.

This is probably one of the biggest decisions I've ever made - next to moving to Florida from New York. It's definitely going to be a challenge as I love my cheese. But being a vegan is not a destination, it's a journey. And, thanks to Alicia Silverstone's best selling book, The Kind Diet, I don't have to do it alone. Alicia has been a vegan for quite some time and her book and website, The Kind Life, really help to dispel any misconceptions that you can never eat a good meal again as a vegan. I'm only on week 2 and I really don't think it's going to be that bad after all.

But please don't get me mistaking, I'm becoming vegan in the food sense, when it comes to vegan fashion - that's a whole nother thing. Baby steps people, baby steps...