22 January 2010

Can $10 Really Be A Relapse...

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Banana Republic Shirt - $3

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Gold Leaf Pin - $2

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Blazer - $5

Ok, so I know in my previous post that I was on this whole, save money; Budget, Budget, Budget, and I was only going to spend $50 for the entire month on additions to my wardrobe! Welp, I lasted all but 7 hours before I caved and took a detour into a new thrift store that just opened - all on my way home from work. Damn that commute! Like a Kentucky Derby star, I need those damn blinders to keep my eye on the prize! But can $10 really result in a relapse. Stay with me for a moment.

Yes! I spent over my budget and there's no getting around that. But come on, let's review the purchases.

1. A Classic Wht Bttn Up from Banana Republic for goodness sake! Couldn't pass that up. I'm building a collection of wht button ups and this little baby is #4.

2. This vintage Gold Leaf Pin is the other half to my rose pin! Another great piece for my "well on it's way" curated wardrobe.

3. Finally, this Navy Blazer is very structured and will work amazingly well as a popped collar, rolled sleeve jacket! I LUST a great twofer.

All in all when you break it down, I definitely think my relapse was well worth it! And yes, this $10 is being deducted from the $5o I will have in February to spend. Excuse me while I go be a responsible adult. Boo!!!!

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