28 December 2010

In Style...

Alexander McQueen Samsonite Black Label Set

The holidays always remind me of one thing. No, it's not hot chocolate with marshmallows, or garland strung by the chimney with care, or the hopes that St. Nick would soon be there (and for the record, my house doesn't have a chimney, so good luck with that one homes). Anyway, when I think of the holidays, I think of holiday travel and nothing to me means travel than a nice piece of luggage. The above set is from the late Alexander McQueen and was designed in 2006 as part of the Samsonite Black Label collection.

The design resembles a very, very skinny model's spine and ribs and is what I would consider a sickening set to travel through BWI with. Talk about a head turner. It's pieces like this that you know without a shadow of a doubt wont be thrown up under any plane. Talk about traveling in style! Though "Santa" came and delivered one of the best Christmas' ever, here's to getting an early start for next year.

21 December 2010

Something Wild...


Shirt: GAP; Jeans: Uniqlo; Shoes: Aldo; Scarf: Chico's; Watch: Michael Kors


Yesterday was quite amazing and interesting at the same time. Let's start off with the fact that for about an hour or so, this here blog was nicely deleted off the face of the internet :-(. I pretty much damn near died, came back to life and died again. Yes, I know, I don't update as much as I should and if I want this blog to go anywhere fast, I have to put in the time and effort that my million other counterparts put in to have my blog standout amongst the masses of style, fashion, food, art...you get the picture. So heres a little early New Years Resolution...I will update this blog at least 3 times a week! Not just for you, my lovely adored readers (and yes, I adore you, all 27 of you), but for myself. When I thought for a second that my blog was gone forever, it really put things into perspective for me. I LOVE THIS BLOG! It's my child in the attic, it's my escape, it's the only place I ramble on and on (much like I'm doing now) and no one can tell me to shut the fuck up or change the subject. This blog is ME! I LOVE IN ERNEST! I LOVE YOU!

Well, now that's out of the way...let's get to the 2nd part of the day, the interesting part. So at about 3am this morning I watched the Lunar Eclipse for the first time in my life and I have to say that it was by far the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Something about it took me back to being a kid and thinking that aliens lived on the moon and that all my dreams would come true if I only believed in myself, and didn't let anyone tell me otherwise. Wow! It's amazing how as children we possess the drive to run a little faster, color a little longer, and stay up past bedtime just to say we could and did, but when we're adults, that drive slowly comes to a screeching halt and we're left wondering what happened to the inner child that knew no limits to the possibilities of life.

This is the reason I broke out the cheetah scarf from Chico's today. It helped remind me that there's a little Wild Child inside of me that wants to rule the world and doesn't care how long it's going to take to do it. Isn't that the greatest thing about fashion? How one article of clothing can make you realize who you are or want to be! Man, this is probably the deepest I've ever gotten on this blog, and you know what...IT FEELS DAMN GOOD!

09 December 2010



The weather in Fort Myers is seriously stressing me out. One day it's 80 degrees, the next it's 50! Surely you can tell which day it was today. Always excited when I can bust out this military jacket and pair it with my favorite pieces in my wardrobe - chambray shirt and staple black pants. Sometimes its so much easier to get dress when you have those staple items in your closet that always work. The combo today is a true testament of that...what do you think?


04 December 2010

Chambray Please...


Velvet Vest: Forever21; Chambray Shirt: GAP; Jeans: Uniqlo; Shoes: Aldo; Belt: Uniqlo; Watch: Michael Kors


I've always been a fan of the chambray shirt ever since the summer started, but I could never bring myself to pay over $30 for it. Even though there were several times I was really close to breaking down and getting this one from J.Crew, I remained a good little boy and waited till I found one that was in my price range. Enter the GAP Friends & Family.

What's that you say? 30% off your total purchase? What's the code?!?! So I got this nice striped chambray shirt for $21; including shipping :). I wasn't ready to bring on the full trend of denim on denim so I decided to break the look up a little with the addition of this velvet vest I've had forever. That's kinda funny seeing as this is a piece from Forever21. Now see, even though I didn't spend too much money on the vest, had to have cost less than $20 if I remember correctly, I still get so much use out it during the year. It's a good thing I take care of my garments and treat them all the same...like found piece of treasure that will enhance my collection. Something tells me this chambray shirt will make a nice edition.

Happy Friday.