02 January 2010

In Transition...

As I transition into the new me, I decided to bare the hustle and bustle of, dare I say it, THE MALL, and venture out with friends from college the day after Christmas. Figured I'd catch a few deals on some seasonal staples; boy was that a BIG MISTAKE!

1. I hate the mall - yes, there is a plethora of stores in one location but everyone is essentially looking for the same thing, and the mom's and their baby carriages take up too much of the isles when I shopping for white button ups (not hating on babies, but I'm just saying).

2. Waited in a line of traffic for an hour just to go into the mall - shoulda known there was going to be trouble.

3. Every store had a line that you wouldn't believe. The racks were bare (hello, where is the recession??!!), no sales associates in sight, and definitely no enticing deals.

The most delicious part about my trip was California Pizza Kitchen. This was by far one of the best pizzas I've had (the fat man that resides inside of me will you tell you that we've enjoyed plenty of pizza in our day). Barbeque Chicken Pizza, so decadent my mouth waters just thinking about it (Fat Man rears his ugly head again).

I'm in DC with family for the holidays so I had to layer up - think I did a pretty nice job. What do you think? Wearing an Old Navy Vest that I had since I was in middle school. Was very much relieved when my mom told me she kept it because she didn't know if I still wanted - Good job, Mama. Good job! The blazer is from White House Black Market's Fall collection. I practically live in this blazer. It's extremely soft and has a tailored shape you wouldn't believe. And, being that I wear the same jeans everyday, my Levi 510 Super Skinnies, make their first of many debuts on the blog. The shoes are from Aldo, and pretty much are in heavy rotation.

I did manage to score a white button up from Banana Republic ($30, but I just realized (7 days later) the lovely sales associate left the sensor on the sleeve of the shirt. Thinking happy thoughts, thinking happy thoughts...), and I was able to score another pair (the exact same pair I'm wearing here) of Levi 510 Super Skinnies from Nordstrom. On sale for $35!

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