22 January 2010

Forever, and Ever...

Studded Shoulder Sweatsuit

Budget! Budget! Budget! I get it! But, how can you budget when there are so many decadent, sinful traps at every retail turn. Hi, my name is Ernest and I'm a shopholic - "Hi, Ernest!" Welp, New Year; New You! Basically, in a nutshell, I'm on this whole emotionally charged pilgrimage to find myself - and yep, that includes finding my personal style. I've pretty much nailed it to 3 words, Classic, Modern, Elegance! So, in finding "myself" (very rewarding by the way), I decided to try my hand at shopping with only $50 and seeing if I could find pieces that I could, A. Wear now, and B. Lust forever. Oh, Thank Heaven, for Forever21.

1. The Basic Crew Neck Tees are anything but basic for me. I use these as a blank canvas. Paired with my 510 Super Skinny jeans I begin with this strong foundation and then build according. Both tops were $6 a piece. Score!

2. The Floral Canvas Sneakers are a very interesting buy! When I saw them, and that insanely low price - $13! I had to have them. Deciding to wear these while I'm in LA in March at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Slim black suit, wht tee, and these - I'm thinking a winner. Going to take them to a shoe cobbler to have a wooden sole attached; thinking these shoes and I are going to be very happy together.

3. The Studded Shoulder Sweatshirt is pretty self-explanatory. Skinny black jeans and lace up oxfords - instant casual Friday chic in the office. This fun little addition - in a seasonless silhouette and color I might add - was only $18! A steal!

Ladies and gentleman, the grand total for my little foray into the forbidden pasture of fruit - $43! Damn, that felt good. I bought things that I am actually dying to wear and they didn't hurt my pockets. I can get use to this.

Happy Friday!


threadsence said...

love the studded shoulder sweatsuit!


Ernest B. said...

threadsence - thanks so much! I'm completely obsessed and can't wait to wear it.