29 February 2012

Bold Beginnings...

Extra-Fine Merino Wool Sweater, Uniqlo; DIY Bleached Jeans, Loomstate

Black & White Striped Socks, H&M; Shoes, Cole Haan

Bold patterned socks, bleached denim, and brogues make for a stylish start to the week. With so many fashion week photos clogging my BlogLovin feed, I've been inspired by my male counterparts, mostly in Milan, to want to apply a more tailored approach to my look. The shoes were a recent score from the Saks outlet (Off 5th) - the only good thing about living in Fort Misery (Fort Myers), FL is the close proximity to so many outlet shopping centers. The shoes were originally priced at $225 and I was able to purchase them for $110! I have to say these were probably my first adult shoe purchase that basically motivated me to want to up my shoe game going forward - let's just say I'm taking a quality over quantity approach going forward with my wardrobe. 

Ernest B.