09 January 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

For any women out there that believes no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes creating an image of power and sexuality, total domination all in one leather heel statement - this is for you. The window display at Nordstrom really tugs at the purse/heart strings. "Come on in, we've been waiting for you".

My haven for 510 Super Skinny jeans and wayfarers. I'm saving up to buy a pair of handmade Italian Super Sunglasses classic Flat Top Wayfarers. The essential eyewear for any believer in classic timeless pieces.

Panera is by far the best place to eat, socialize and salivate - that French baguette is nothing but pure perfection. The Fuji Apple Chicken salad is the best salad on the planet, HANDS DOWN! Anyone care to challenge this statement, email me. I can never resist. NEVER! It is my kryptonite and forever will I be rendered powerless in it's presence.

Velvet Nicole Fahri scarf, H&M striped cardigan, 510 Super Skinny jeans, Aldo lace up oxfords. Just another day in the neighborhood enjoying a few of my favorite things.


heart charlie said...

I love that photo of you at the end! Those jeans look great. I also love those metallic platforms in the first photo!

Ernest B. said...

Thanks so much, Charlie. You're so sweet! Yes, the shoes in the Nordstrom window were breath taking.