20 October 2010

All The Pretty Pictures...

I'm really hoping that this Christmas (yes, I know it's a little early to be discussing the season of giving but hey, gotta let momma know early what I want so she can plan accordingly :-) ), to receive some great fashion books for my coffee table. And you thought people in fashion didn't read! Yes, these books are generally larger in size compared to the standard size books on the shelf, and there tends to be a lot of pictures as opposed to words...I'm still trying to see where the issue is coming in.

To me, books are sorta like the ever evolving world of blogging. Some blogs are a little too wordy (for me) with little to no pictures, some blogs have great photos to accompany the blogger's thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc., and then there are those blogs that are full of pretty pictures. Get my drift? These books are full of pretty pictures, ideas, and thoughts on some of the most influential people in the industry - just like most of the blogs on the world wide web today. Hope my mom is taking notes :).

19 October 2010

Whip It! Whip It Real Good...

WOW! Now we've all seen the surge of young tenders hitting the pop music scene looking to make a name for themselves, and I have to say I'm really rooting for Ms. Willow. The child of celeb couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow's eclectic and somewhat outlandish style has helped her make a name for herself in the fashion and music world.

Her first single, Whip My Hair back and forth is climbing the chart and her highly anticipated video debuted today. Let me know what you think...definitely giving some artists much older than her (she's only 10) a run for their money. Go head lil Willow, whip that hair back and forth. Just don't hurt em.

10 October 2010

Taking a Walk...

Vest: Zara; Shirt: Banana Republic; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara;

I went to see The Social Network on Friday with a few friends and all I can say is "WHOA"! While there were a few times that I felt like Mark Z. was a complete a-hole, I have to admit, his passion and determination to be the best was very inspiring. I really think that a lot of people are too lazy to realize their full potential and I have to admit that I at times I have cut myself short because of "couch potato syndrome". NO MORE!


There are so many things in life that I want to have, do, and see and I can no longer stand in my own way of getting what I deserve! Today is also 10-10-10 and at church I received an awesome word that spoke to my soul - Spiritual Jurisdiction. I must allow GOD to have jurisdiction over my life which will empower me to have jurisdiction to live my life to the fullest. Here's to a new outlook on life.