04 January 2010

In A New Direction I Blue...

Expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone - it all sounds the same to me. So, in an effort to do just that, I decided to go to a flea market in FL for the first time a while back, and there in a dark booth with torn sheets separating it from the other vendors, in the shadows, was this AMAZING cerulean blue cardigan. It was only $8 and I had to have it. You won't believe how hard it is to limit the amount of times I wear this gem in a week. It is so comfortable, beautifully constructed, and the buttons, oh the BUTTONS. Perfection! And I really love to button it differently from what is expected.

I love missing the first closure and having the remaining buttons hanging out at the bottom. My imperfect buttoning is my way of having a secret connection/conversation between me and my garments. Before that faithful voyage I never really ventured into a flea market or thrift store for anything! Boy have I been baptized in the faith of vintage clothing. Let the church say, AMEN!

Paired the Sears Roebuck vintage men's cardigan with my favorite 510 Levi Super Skinny jeans, Marc Jacob aviators, Ted Baker leather band watch, and brown Aldo lace up oxfords for brunch with my Mom and God Mother. Just another day in Washington. Man, I love being home for the holidays.

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SomedayNewYorker said...

That cardigan is amazing. I love the color.