25 January 2010

Mondays With Dries...

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Purple Plaid Leather Ankle Strap Dries Van Notens

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Dries Van Notens in Fort Myers! I mean, excuse my excitement but you just don't come across art like this in a place like Fort Myers - if you live here or have ever visited, then you know exactly what I mean. But, there they were. Next to Chanel tweeds, and Pucci acid trips. Huddled next to some last season leather excuse for a wedge and the most awful pair of... I don't even want to think about them. The fashion powers that be, Off 5th Avenue, really know how to show a guy a good time.

Took a much needed field trip for my boss during my lunch break, because she couldn't stop obsessing over these shoes, and I had to see them for myself. She didn't want to buy them until I saw them, only because she knew that I would give my honest opinion on whether or not they would be worth it. Don't get me wrong, this woman is one of the most fashionable moms (yes, I know a lot of fashionable 5inch trotting moms) in Fort Myers. Again, another woman that sacrifices like no one's business, but will not sacrifice her sense of style, nope, not one bit. I mean, she has it all - gorge husband, beautiful children, amazing home and a nice covetable bag collection - YSL, Chanel, Goyard, you know, the good stuff. We just like to consult one another on big purchases - I mean, would you buy a car without a friend present, or without seeing the CarFax first...I didn't think so.

Needless to say, when I saw them, it was a total shoegasmic experience. Heavenly music, baby angels playing harps flying all around, the works! I mean fashion is my passion; it's what I do, HELL, it's who I am. Not too many guys in Fort Myers get excited over designer shoes, or would even know a designer shoe outside of Nike and Reebox anyway, but I digress.

Purchased for only $100 - no need for all the details on how she scored these for the low low. I raced back to the office, and died when she slipped these on her perfectly pedicured toes. Total bliss! Imagine the many meetings I'm going to have with her and how I'm always going to think about and stare at those shoes. Oh God, I love my job!

Happy Monday!


Fashion Chalet said...

Oh my gosh I know Ft Myers and Dries don't mix lol. I LOVE IT. It's so great when things like that happen, nobody else there would snatch it up before you can. ;) Even better!


Ernest B. said...

Thanks, Love. Yea, it really helps when you live here and no one else gets fashion and it's gripping hold it can have on one's self being and purse strings.