29 February 2012

Bold Beginnings...

Extra-Fine Merino Wool Sweater, Uniqlo; DIY Bleached Jeans, Loomstate

Black & White Striped Socks, H&M; Shoes, Cole Haan

Bold patterned socks, bleached denim, and brogues make for a stylish start to the week. With so many fashion week photos clogging my BlogLovin feed, I've been inspired by my male counterparts, mostly in Milan, to want to apply a more tailored approach to my look. The shoes were a recent score from the Saks outlet (Off 5th) - the only good thing about living in Fort Misery (Fort Myers), FL is the close proximity to so many outlet shopping centers. The shoes were originally priced at $225 and I was able to purchase them for $110! I have to say these were probably my first adult shoe purchase that basically motivated me to want to up my shoe game going forward - let's just say I'm taking a quality over quantity approach going forward with my wardrobe. 

Ernest B.

06 January 2012

Time & Time Again...

J.Crew Andros Timex Watch 

Let's start this post off right - Happy New Year! It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone, but I'm really looking forward to what 2012 has in store for me, the blog, and my career in fashion pr. Every year around this time, I always try and find something to add to my wardrobe that will be timeless (pun intended) and an investment in my overall GROWN MAN STYLE. 

23 September 2011

DC...How I Love Thee!

CONFESSION: I'm completely obsessed, HEAD OVER HEELS, madly in LOVE with Diet Coke! I especially love it at midnight while flipping through the latest issues of GQ & Vogue in my kitchen. I don't even flinch at the idea of a pimple forming from all of the sugar I'm consuming - oh me and acne, we go back like diapers and sandboxes. That sweet refreshing sound the can makes when you pop it fresh out of the fridge...CLASSIC AND ORGASMIC! I JUST LOVES ME SOME DC!

That's all!


22 September 2011

Gas or iPhone case...

Gotta have some Warhol ($38)...
Man Repeller x Dannijo...HEART FOR SURE...($98)
DUH! More Warhol...($38)

Marc Jacobs, enough said...($38)

To spend or not to spend...that is the question! That's kinda always the question for me seeing as I know jack squat about saving money (SORRY MA! I'M TRYING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!) Anyway, let me start by again, apologizing for the lack of posts - I'm sure some of you wrote me off seeing as it's been a good 5 months since my last post, but I'M BACK FOLKS AND BETTER THAN EVER!

Now that we got that little PSA out of the way, back to my little dilemma of whether or not to spend my hard earned (very little saved) money on a new iPhone case. Of course, nothing I pick is ever cost effective and the simple all black, rubber iPhone cases just won't do...while I may be working on my fitness and upping my manly points, I still work in fashion and must express myself at every given moment. And, why does iPhone cases always seem to cost so much money - Yes, I think $40 is a bit much for an iPhone case: #JUSTSAYIN. I get it, we spend $300+ on our sacred tech babies, but should protection for them cost just as much - HELLO!! CONDOMS PROTECT OUR LIVES AND THEY'RE ONLY $10 A PACK! I mean, we could implement a little CPU (Cost Per Use) for justification, but good grief, my top fav is running at $100 and I don't think I'm strong enough to pull the trigger just yet...thanks MAN REPELLER, your case shall haunt my dreams, and nightmares of my Wells Fargo financial advisor for many nights to come. 

These cases are just a few I keep searching back to...now to decide if I'm sacrificing gas or groceries this week for my new obsession...what do you think?


15 May 2011


I know it's been like forever and 3 months, but I'm back ladies and gentleman! So I'm not going to get too deep into how I found myself in my absence from the blog, I want to continue to apply a little more of myself in everything I do, and how I think there's no reason I shouldn't be as successful as the next genius with a great idea, blog, design, photo, etc...you get the picture.

Anyway, so we all know I have this crazy obsession with Lady Gaga (wait, do you know? Damn, not sure if I revealed that part of myself to you, the dear reader, but yes, I'm COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH LADY G!) and her new single Judas is beyond amazing! What's even more amazing is the video that she put together to depict a very popular story in the bible. I'm not going to bore you with how she is completely genius by making Jesus' disciples members of a biker gang and how in the end she is stoned for her betrayl of Jesus (leader of the biker gang), meeting the same fate that the Judas in the New Testament met when he betrayed Jesus and gave him to the priests.

I'll simply let you view this amazing work of art and make your own interpretation!


04 April 2011

So Hip...









Whoa! It's been like a gazillion years since I last posted. Been terribly busy with my career and it's been consuming my life to the point that I'm not even sure of the last time I read an actual fashion magazine! FOR SHAME! Anyway, as you know I don't like to dwell in the past so let's move right along.

I went kayaking this past Saturday to celebrate a friend's bday, and it was the most amount of fun I've had in a very, very, very, long time! What was also cool was my friend showing me this cool camera app for my iPhone4 (will have to do a separate post on how this phone absolutely changed my life...YES, IT'S THAT DAMN SERIOUS) called Hipstomatic! Have you heard of it?! It's a really cool hipster app that allows you take photos with all of these cool lenses and flashes, in turn producing these vintage inspired photos.

I took these photos while at lunch on Sanibel Island and they look like something straight out of the 60's. I'm somewhat obsessed with the app that I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing more photos from my iPhone on here and not my Canon. Hope you missed me because I terribly missed you!


16 January 2011

Where's CPS When You Need Them...

So, I happened to stumble upon this video while reading one of my favorite sites, Refinery29, and I'm a bit disturbed at the fact AOL agreed to allow Snooki to makeover an 11yr old girl! WTF! I mean come on. Last time I checked, Jersey Shore wasn't running syndicated reruns on PBS. I mean, where is this girl's parents. Someone should call the CPS (Child Protection Services)...this is borderline kiddy porn. SMH!