15 January 2010

To: Alex Wang, With Love: Ernest Bee...

My Inspiration - Alexander Wang Spring 2010
Today I went for the TKO - total knockout for my non boxing fans. Trained by A.Wang's Spring 2010 collection, I chicly knocked them out of their shoes at work today. Fridays in the office are always very casual and today was no exception.
Note: I'm going to try to start keeping the word count down on the blog, because when I'm reading other blogs I always hate a lot of words and wish for more pictures - the whole acting my shoe size and not my age totally comes into play here. Deal with it!

Any who (watch your word count, watch your count...), I'm going thrift hunting at a new shop that just opened up down the street from my house. And, you'll have to be very, very, quiet, we're hunting GPa cardigans - my all time favorites. Figured since I'm in the retired city of Fort Myers, FL that shouldn't be too hard to find; here's hoping.

Wearing my favorite Zara vest that I first introduced here. The versatility of this piece is just beyond words. More posts are sure to follow because I don't believe in wearing something only once or twice. I LUST (more intense than Love) every piece in my well curated wardrobe that they work double time - cost per wear or CPW is the best logic to use when shopping. Dividing the total cost of something by the amount of times you think you will wear it, gives you the ultimate cost per wear (final retail price in my eyes). For me, this vest started at $40 and now costs me $8. It's value is depreciating faster than the housing market.There's go the word count. Shit! Ok...stay focused...paired the vest with my Marc by Marc Jacobs sweatshirt, Levi 510 Super Skinny jeans, and Aldo lace up oxfords. TGIF!!!

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Photo credit: Style.com


Fashion Chalet said...

It's always exciting to see other bloggers using the Artist Icon I made for Bloglovin! :)

Great idea on the styling. I'm loving the vest !


Jess ♡ said...

Great look m'dear :) That vest is pretty amazing! <3

Ernest B. said...

Fashion Chalet - I should have recognized the icon from the top of your blog. Thanks for the amazing icon and wonderful comment.

Jess - thanks so much for the comment. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

That A. Wang look was my favorite one from Spring 2010 so I love your inspiration! Love how you paired the MJ sweatshirt under the vest!!

Mila said...

wow your outfit is great <3

Ernest B. said...

wreckedstellar - thanks so much! It was my favorite look as well!

Mila - you're so sweet. Thanks so much for the comment.