30 April 2010

When In...New York

Organization is key to success in any realm of life. Even this here blog is going to become more organized in it's post and content...even though one's thoughts can rarely be organized because they come as random as ever, what little control I can have over them and the content that I provide here will be the greatest reward.

When In posts will focus on certain cities and towns I am in and the best things to do, see, or eat. Note: I'm not a trained professional in the critiques of life's many joys, just a partaker in the game of LIFE and someone who loves discovering hidden gems by word of mouth and referrals from other people with the same interests.

Fig and Olive Restaurant - 13th Between 9th & Washington

So, for our first When In...New York City, the best of the best for nightclubs, plays, parks, neighborhoods, shopping, museums, and a lot of other stuff that makes it the tourist mecca for all those looking to stand in Times Square and take in the lights, sounds, and sirens. But something that I think we can all appreciate about New York, is it's endless supply of good eats! Tonight, I was able to partake in one of the Meat Packing District's finest restaurants, Fig and Olive.


Under the executive leadership of Chef Pascal Lorange, Fig and Olive is the epitome of Mediterranean dining. Mostly everything on the menu is made from the finest olive oils and spices. The entire space, at least at night, is lit up with thousands upon thousands of candles, and the music is a mix of remixed Top 40 tracks!

I enjoyed the Penne Mediterraneo with my best friend who will be wedding the love of her life this summer in Greece...sadly I won't be there! A sample of the menu is below and the contents of my entree are described. If this was one of those children's books that made animal sounds when you pressed the image of the corresponding animal, my entree sound would be..AAAAhhhhh!


This was by far the best pasta I've ever had, and the best part about it, there was no sauce. I've only recently discovered that eating pasta without sauce is absolutely amazing with the right amount of oil and spices, and tonight's dinner reaffirmed that love for simplistic meals without a lot of fuss.

And any place with amazing Merlot, music, and ambiance...to me, that's fine dining.

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