08 April 2010

Tea for 2...



Scarf: Zara, T-Shirt: Forever21, Pants: H&M, Pin: Chico's, Watch: Ted Baker, Shoes: Aldo

If I ever received an invitation to tea, I'm pretty sure I would wear something to this effect. Sitting outside at a chic Parisian cafe thinking about the many wonders of life. I never really stop to just be in the moment...correction, I never stopped to be in the moment until today.

So in my last post, I talked about how I had an important review at work today and had to look my best - I didn't wear this outfit today, cute, but not my most "I take myself and my job serious" ensemble if you get what I mean. Anyway, today (in all black, purple loafers for a pop of color and punctuation) after my review, which went FABULOUS by the way (I hate that word, but for some reason, every now and again it just fits), my boss proceeds to tell me that I'm being promoted...

Pause for reaction...in the moment...taking time to enjoy and just be in the moment...after swallowing hard and calming my breathing and excitement, she tells me that I've been promoted and will also be receiving a raise!!!! Now, in no way did I expect any of this to happen - don't get me wrong, I work hard, damn hard, but I judge myself very critically and sometimes feel that I can do so much more with my time on a day to day basis.

It's always rewarding and amazing when people can look at your progression through life, a career, whatever, and see and acknowledge the change you made for the better. Today was the first day in a long time that I was proud of myself...truly proud of the strides I made to get me where I am today. I am truly blessed and grateful that everyday I wake up, I am able to rejoice and celebrate those blessings. And here's where if I had that imaginary tea date, my companion would turn to me and say, "I'll toast to that".


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