26 April 2010

Here's Hoping...

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector


We all believe in magic potions and the fountain of youth. That's the beauty of the "lipstick effect". Down in a rut, nothing a little rouge on the lip, or new bag can't fix. I've been reading crazy reviews regarding Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, with 12 weeks of continued use (and sunscreen, MUY IMPORTANTE) clients have seen dramatic, up to 53%, improvement in their skin tone.

I've battled acne most of my teenage and college years, whew, getting a little personal on this here blog...hey, that's what it's for right...stay with me. And to say the lasting effects, both physical and mental can way on one's self-esteem is putting it mild. I sympathize with those teens and adults who continue to battle acne everyday...like the famous poster, hang in there baby.

If bumps are one worry to keep you up all night obsessing whether your new guy noticed your bacterial buildup on your cheeks, then the dark spots they leave behind are horrible relatives who always seem overstay their welcome. Being blessed to be over my breakout phase, I'm now taking charge of the little history of a time not worth revisiting...I promise I won't tear up :(

Anywho, here's hoping that Clinique's talented team found the fountain of even tone youth. And only 12 weeks for serious results...with the amount of time I spent battling acne..this'll be a cake walk!

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Ernest! I'm so moved and happy that you wrote this post!! I give you 100 thumbs up. Some folks think that clothes can fix things, when in all actuality it's so much deeper from mental to physical. Folk forget that it starts from the inside out, it's a lifestyle!

I've suffered from acne for many years, i've used Dr. Murad and I have to say that I've seen results in my 2 month usage. I will def consider this Clinique remedy. Along with a healthy diet and exercise!
Cheers to you friend