31 March 2010

To My Own Drum...



Sweater and Pants: H&M, Boots: All Saints,

L to R: Spencer Gifts, Random NY Shop, All Saints

My how the weeks are flying by! It's already Wednesday and another looming weekend fast approaches. Again, the absolutes in my closet - Black, White, and the Greys bring the most joy to my life and my sartorial choices. I love the mix of polish and grunge with this look, the boots (damn, how I love thee so) really take the look to a completely different place. A fun and french kind of joie de vivre place. Loving my french influences - even if no one else sees them.

I'm looking forward to this weekend - it being Easter and all. My Italian friend's mom is cooking up a glorious feast that I've been invited to. Oh boy, now...what to wear, what to wear...


Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Love the rings pa, you own every look.


Anonymous said...

love this outfit!
great rings and boots!

Fragalist said...

big fan of ur rings and boots their really hot.