21 March 2010

Anyone Have The Time...



Chico's Necklace, Banana Republic Button Up, Levi Jeans, Zara Loafers, Michael Kors Watch


I wanted to show you guys this insanely amazing, BEYOND FAB necklace I scored at Chico's. It was only $68 and reflects the growing trend of statement pieces with beads and color that add an extra something to the entire piece. This is very Marni inspired and I'm completely smitten with it. They are truly doing big things over there, the jewelry is completely BANANAS and so affordable.

Wore this to the office on Friday and all of my friends kept saying it looked like I had a ton of watch bands around my neck! Love it! This is truly going to be a go to piece for sure, as the weather continues to rise - there goes my "Summer" knits - I am going to have to find more fun and interesting ways to spruce up the wardrobe.

I do believe I'll be heading back to Chico's soon for a few more pieces...See you there!


Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

Bonjour Ernest,
I felt inclined to comment on this post since you have such an amazing necklace on and you always have the right accesory to spice up an outfit. By the way I left you a blog award via my blog!

From Dolly

Ernest B. said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Dolly. I really appreciate it and am totally going to check out the award on your blog :-). That truly made my day.


Anonymous said...

amazing as always! ^^
i really love your shoes and the chain is also really great!

Natalia said...

your look is great!
i rarely see a guy dressed so nice!
xx from Athens, Greece!

Ernest B. said...

@ Dominika - I love you!!! LOL. You always have the sweetest comments. Thanks, Love.

@ Natalia - thanks so much for the nice comment. All the way from Athens, I'm so jealous :).