28 March 2010

Back To Basics...


T-Shirt: Forever21, DIY Tie Dye Jeans: Organic Loomstate, Watch: Michael Kors



Finally!!!! Found a pair of bleached jeans that I'm completely smitten with. And the best part is, they're one of a kind. Couldn't find a pair that were worth the extra cash so I decided to make my own from a pair of jeans I scored from Gilt last year.

After soaking in my bathroom sink for a week and damn near knocking me on my face from the fumes - NOTE to self, never close the door with bleach sitting for longer than 20 minutes. Washed them twice in hot water then dried them on the highest setting and voila - Tie Dye Denim!

I'm so impressed with my DIY skills! This outfit kind of reminds me of easy Sunday mornings. A basic white tee, the perfect watch, and a pair of amazing denim - all for lounging and feeling completely enamored with Life and all its many luxuries.

Bleached jeans included...


Anonymous said...

this is perfect everyday outfit!
love the jeans! ^^
(i have to buy some basic t-shirts myself.)

Caro' said...

Your jeans are great! I like it!

If you have time: