15 March 2010

Let The Saints Say, Amen...




Current Lust Affair - All Saints Suede Damisi Boot

Ok - let's get right into it. I went to NY and LA for 2wks and boy did I have a blast! NY is always fun (minus the freak blizzard, but fun all the same). LA on the other hand was the greatest experience of my life. I can't believe that it was only 2 weeks ago that I was driving in the land of excess fame, fortune, and plastic blondey goodness! The weather, food, and shopping will gleefully haunt my dreams for many nights to come.

Anyway, I want to talk about my new All Saints Suede Damisi Boots. I'm completely obsessed! They're so perfect it's not even funny. I had to purchase one amazing item from LA to bring back and brag to all of my friends about it. Why not these sick ass boots. Oh, I do believe we are going to be very happy together. Wore this outfit to my friend's Oscar Party - yeah I know, that was like weeks ago, but my stupid box of scrap metal called a PC was on it's freakin period! I couldn't take it anymore!!!!

So I finally drank from the sacred glass of Apple Kool-Aid and got a MacBook. Now I'm wondering how did I ever function without this beautiful specimen of advanced technology known as a notebook? Whoa, revealing a lot in one post...Sorry about that, didn't realize how much I missed blogging till I didn't have it for 2wks. Anywho, now back to our regularly scheduled program...


Anonymous said...

very simple outfit but is looks just amazing! ^^

Sharde Charades said...

Love. LOVE. LOOOVVEEE the boots!!! They're so LA, yet so NY =)


I love love love those boots!

Ernest B. said...

Dominika - thanks so much for the comment. I'm pretty much channeling a French fashion mood this year. All black with pops of white and killer accessories.

Sharde - Love you, Love! The boots are so freaking sick, it's unreal!

Jeneen - love your style and your blog! Thanks for the comment!