18 March 2010

Happy Birthday...


Today, we'll all eat cake because it's my 24th birthday! We'll also eat CiCi's Pizza becaus that's one of my favorite restaurants. They have a birthday special, $3.99 all you can eat - I'M IN! Birthdays are nice, it's the one day you matter most! More than any of the other people around you that may be more amazing than you are. Even a complete stranger will pass you and tell you, Happy Birthday. Now what's not special about that...

As the crowd cheered, they showered the Prince with gifts...
1. Macbook
2. Starbucks Giftcard - Venti Soy Iced Chai Latte w/ Dbl Shots are taken care of all next week!
3. Edible Cookie Display - so yummy, all were made from butter cookies with the good, cheap icing.
4. Amazon.com Giftcard - Bought the Moshi Clearguard Keyboard Cover for the MB
5. Lunch from Panera - Love their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad
6. A blessing to awake this morning to celebrate this day and accept such amazing wishes and gifts.

Reflecting on so many things that have happened to me - both good and bad, and I can't help but think about how BLESSED I am to be where and WHO I am today. Remember, live each day as if it's your last and never forget to - Breathe, Smile, and Take A Bow. The world is a stage, only you can decide whether you're cast for the lead or supporting role! Now, I must dash off to the ball - I have until midnight and it's back to the pumpkin patch!


Anonymous said...

happy b-day! ^^

FASHION TALES... said...

I love this picture