19 March 2010

Fashion Dialogue...

WSJ Magazine

Vice Magazine

WSJ Magazine and VICE are featuring 2 SUPERB profiles on 2 iconic fashion industry legends this month. I always love when I come across a profile of a designer because it's always that rare glimpse inside a mad scientist's laboratory where they reveal (some, not all) their intricately laid ways of thinking and how they approach what they do everyday.

Sometimes, the profile is a monologue - a journalist's perceptive view of a powerhouse and what's keeping the charge - WSJ and Patrizio Bertelli. But sometimes you may stumble upon a dialogue between the designer and the reporter - VICE and Karl Lagerfeld. Those to me are always more fun. In a way, a profiled dialogue opens the door wider to this idea that Fashion is no longer just a monologue. In many ways it's becoming a dialogue, a conversation if you will, but no longer just between the designers and editors, but between everyone who gives a shit, has a camera, and some type of internet connection.

Now, more than ever, everyone wants to be apart of that dialogue with Fashion and I think that's wonderful. We need support groups to okay when we spend $700 on red soled shoes, or when we prefer a pair of distressed vintage Levis over anything else, or why we deem every sartorial purchase we really can't afford as an "investment". And can you think of anyone better to lead that group than the men and women responsible for the "drugs" that many of us are all so addicted to...

Neither can I.

Photo Credits: WSJ Magazine; Vice Magazine

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