20 February 2010

Substance and Style...

Gourmet Brunch - Goat Cheese and Ham Panini w/ Truffle Oil, along side an Olive Oil Baby Spinach salad w/ Shaved Almonds & Balsamic Reduction...HEAVEN

Bennett's Donuts - A Hidden Gem in Fort Myers

You Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Chanel

Time-less Classics

I'll have paninis and strawberry orange mimosas with a side of Prada. Thank you! I had the ultimate pleasure to spend my lovely Saturday morning with one of the most endearing, heartfelt, stylish woman I've ever met. Her home - pure, simplistic, modern perfection. Her wardrobe - what dreams are made of. With an amazing family and a circle of friends that rival "The Sisterhood", she lives what most people would call - A FULL Life. Her sartorial and domestic style is well curated and sharp. Chic and clearly defined, everything within her home and closet seemed as though it was filtered through a well defined funnel of what works and doesn't work for her taste and lifestyle.

She's really good friends with my boss (yep, the owner of these crazy Dries), and it was definitely necessary to feature her on this blog, sooner rather than later. I feel so honored to have been allowed inside of her amazing home, and absolutely privileged to bring these beautiful images to you.

Now, if you'll excuse, I have to go organize my wardrobe - thanks to my special guest, I now have direction on what perfected style looks like...

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Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

I cannot belive the wardrobe of shoes I am in utter shock as well as that i have major jealousy!

From Dolly