30 July 2010

Under $50 Easy Summer Pants...

J.Crew Broken-in Chino on sale for $49.99

J.Crew 484 Slim-fit Tompkins Pants on sale for $49.99

Old Navy Broken-in Khakis $29.99

In my continued quest to retire my beloved 510 Super Skinny jeans until the weather permits, I've been on the ultimate hunt for simple, yet chic pants that can be worn in the office and on the weekends that don't look too frumpy, and most of all won't break my pockets. The above selections are exactly what I'm looking for. Versatile, classic, and inexpensively chic.

These would be perfect with polo shirts, black v-neck tees, and rolled up oxford shirts. Seriously going for easy and effortlessly chic all summer long...so far so good! I'm also learning more and more that the label inside of the garment (for the most part) is just that, a label. The same cotton in a pair of $150 khakis is the same cotton in the $30 pair at Old Navy. True style is void of fashion (although fashion does provide the arsenal to pull off a lasting look) its just that style comes from within and has more staying power than any label could ever provide - in my opinion at least.

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