12 July 2010


Sweater: H&M; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara

Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelets: Disney Animal Kingdom gift shop


I've never been a fan of short sleeve sweaters. Always felt like they were an oxymoron of sorts. Sort of like those sleeveless turtlenecks which still don't make too much sense to me. Anyway, fan or not, when I saw this one during my last trip to NY back in April at H&M something about it felt more fashionable and not gimmicky. I love the wide knit and the roll in the sleeves, which I think helps the overall aesthetic of this sweater.

For some really weird reason, I've gone into this mode of only wearing the same pieces over and over again. Definitely not one to waste a garment...hello, countless rants regarding CPW (Cost Per Wear for my first time readers) can be found in blog posts of past. I've seriously worn these pants for a few days now and can really see why some people fall into a funk of only wanting to reach for their true blue pairs of denim or their favorite sweat pants crumbled in the back of the closet. In a way that's what fashion...better yet, what style is all about. Being comfortable in your own skin and allowing the clothes to tell the overall story.

What are some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe that you can't dress without...


Constance said...

Love your shoes and the sweater! infact I just love the whole look :)

duckalicious said...

hey, I like your style! great sweater