30 July 2010

Drinking The Kool-Aid...

Silly Bandz

Silly Band gift from Senior Fashion Market Editor at Vogue

So I'm sure you're all very much aware of the silicone, oddly shaped craze that's sweeping the nation faster than a play by play of a good ole' American Ball Game. Silly Bandz as they're called, are the latest accessory to adorn what was the coolest kid on the playground's arm...well that was until adults, hippies, and fashionistas hopped on the trend.

It's actually quite funny how something that retails for $3.99 and is made out of silicone, that's pretty much a rubber band at the end of the day, is the coolest, illest, sickest accessory on the market - in my opinion, of course :-). Style.com recently posted on style icon herself, Mary-Kate Olsen, donning a Silly Band at a press appointment for The Row. I really didn't get what the hype was all about until I went to a friend's party one day and was given one as a party favor. I wore it mostly with everything because I thought it looked great with my normal line-up of MK watch and bracelets combo. The pop of color was pure perfection actually. I definitely had no idea that true fashionistas were running through the offices at top fashion bibles wearing them either, until I met with one said fashionista this week and she basically gave me her "WILD" shaped Silly Band. Wild I know...how's that for irony. The editor was Meredith Melling Burke, Senior Fashion Market Editor at Vogue (yes, that Vogue).

The conversation went a little like this...
Me: You're wearing Silly Bandz?! Which ones are they?
MMB: (Taking them off her wrist) This one's a shark, this one's a sword, and this one is pretty cool, it says "WILD".
Me: Oh that's really cool...I mean wild!
MMB: Yea...do you want it?
Me: Are you sure (Almost reaching for it before hearing her confirmation).
MMB: Sure! You can have it!

Yep, and that's pretty much how someone I idealize in the industry gifted me her Silly Band. The entire experience was life changing...yes, receiving a Silly Band from a Vogue Editor is that big of a deal! I mean, you can trade em with your friends and other people...but how many can get one from Meredith Melling Burke? I now have a total 4 Silly Bandz that I wear everyday - a pair of sunglasses, a guitar, a walrus, and the word "WILD".

Anyone else sipping the kool-aid...


Beckerman Girls said...

That's a FABBB fashion story! MMB is soooo sweet and what cool style she has! I haven't seen those bands here in Toronto, but want them now!!!!!!!NOWWWW!!!!!! haha
Have a wicked summer and cheers to the silly band! they are awwwwwwseome!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Ernest B. said...

Thanks, Beckerman Girls!!! If you give me your address, I'll send you some :-). Everybody should own a Silly Band!

Ernest B.