10 June 2010

With A Cherry On Top...

Hermes Reversible "H" Buckle Leather Belt

You know it and I know it...the right accessories can help take a look to a completely different place if done right. The cherry on top of your fashion sundae. Women have the luxury of endless bags and purses to help transform some of the most bland of outfits to works of sartorial art. Having discovered the power of a good shoe early on, I'm now in the market for the perfect belt to take my wardrobe of simplistic, classic pieces to a new place.


The Hermes "H" Buckle Reversible belt is definitely a heavy hitter. It would truly take a white oxford, skinny jeans and loafers to a completely different place, a la Nicky Hilton in the above image. The second image shows the belt's power on a completely styled out look. Again, cherry on top! Retailing at $585, it's just a little pricey for a frugalista like myself. Here's hoping I can find one on Ebay or at a great consignment shop in Naples, FL or New York City. A piece like this would be a true collector's item...and that's what I want my wardrobe to be, a collection of items I've amassed over the years that tell a story about me, and no one else.

Funny how a piece of leather can have such a profound impact on one's self actualization...

Photo Credits: Google, Denimology, Chictopia

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