11 June 2010

Since It's For A Good Cause...

Black Burlap Classics $54

Khaki Harbour Cordones $69

Olive Canvas Classics $44

Seaport Vegan Classics $54

I have to admit, when these shoes first came out I thought they reminded me of an upgraded Birkenstock. You know, straight tree hugger status. Clearly my perception of them have changed as I now have a wish list of the styles that I'll need for my wardrobe. They are extremely comfortable (from what I hear) and stylishly out of this world. And, knowing that for every shoe purchased, a child receives a pair of shoes to go to school in, is all the more reason to load up on a few styles for the summer. Hey, it's for a good cause.

Imagine these with a slim suit, or a pair of over-sized rolled hem trousers and a white button up, or harem pants and a t-shirt...oh, I'm playing dress up in my head. Always a good sign I've got a winner on my hands. Will definitely have to update you as I collect these beauties for the wardrobe.

Happy Friday...

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