17 September 2010

A Single Man...


A Single Man produced/directed by Tom Ford was an absolutely brilliant movie. To state the obvious, the costumes were stunning (based in the 60's) and absolutely inspiring. I love how much attention was paid to detail when people in those days got dressed. It was about where you were going, who you were going to see throughout the day...it was all quite glamourous actually. I really wish Americans could go back to giving a damn about how they look everyday, but one can surely dream.

I've never read the novel by Christopher Isherwood (immediately ordered it from Amazon once the credits rolled) and I can hardly wait. The main character, George, played by Colin Firth, is dealing with the lost of his lover to a tragic car accident and the movie takes you through the entire day of George's life. What's interesting about the day that the audience is allowed to share in, is this is the day that George has decided to commit suicide. Deciding that the stress and pain of losing is lover, Jim, is too much, George goes about his day making sure to see everything as clear as possible as he knows this will be the last time.


Tom Ford is completely amazing as the film is shot so beautifully that you are instantly transformed into the psych of George and his melancholy way of thinking. Instantly you feel his pain and want to hold him and tell him to hang in there. The film has a grayish tone to it until George stumbles upon something that instantly ignites his senses - the secretary's lipstick, the rose, a prostitute's mouth, the puppy's smell of buttery toast - all light up and instantly the screen is bright and you feel George's optimism about what life can truly be when enjoyed for the simple beauties that one encounters on a daily basis.

All in all, I was so inspired by this movie because it taught me to really appreciate everyday as if it was my last. Make the most out of every single minute, of every single day, because that's all you get. I appreciate Tom bringing this amazing work of literature to film because sometimes, we have to see it and hear it in order to truly understand such a powerful message. Very few movies move, motivate and inspire and A Single Man is that film.

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