21 September 2010


Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren; Trousers: H&M; Shoes: Aldo; Watch: Michael Kors




Finally! The weather in Fort Myers is breaking and while its still 89 degrees out, there's little to no humidity, making it much more bearable. As you can see...since watching A Single Man (produced by T. Ford), I've pretty much up'd the ante when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

I feel the need to be a little more pulled together, especially from 8 - 7. It feels quite rewarding to walk into the office everyday and know that I feel and look my most powerful! There is nothing more rewarding or liberating than owning a wardrobe of strong pieces that are interchangeable and speak volume.

I know I've been getting quite deep on this here blog; it just feels like everyday I have a better understanding of my role in life and who I am and want to become as a man, as a publicist, and as a blogger. Does that make sense? Did I lose you yet...

Happy Wednesday.


Dee O. said...

Very nice look! :)

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PATRICIA said...

great ;):)


Seventy2nd Street said...

such wonderful, well-put together style you have,