06 January 2011

New Year, New Me...

The above video features The Sartorialist's very own, Scott Schulman, talking about the things that inspire his ever inspiring images found on his blog. I love seeing what makes amazing people tick and finding out where they get the inspiration to do the things they do. Scott's blog is definitely a "digital park bench" into the world of fashion and art. It's amazing how nostalgic his images around NY feel when I see them and think back to when I was a wide-eyed, bushy tail freshmen at FIT. Everything about NY excited me and made me thirst for a life that was very different from my humble Maryland upbringing.

My desire when I started this blog a year ago was to showcase my many sartorial choices, but also share my many views, ideas, and thoughts on the things happening in my world...our world. I'll have to admit, I lost my way a little since that first post. I tried to see what other blogs did and what made them successful and tried to, in some ways, incorporate those very elements into this blog. The one thing I never kept in mind was the fact that each and every blog, for the most part, is unique and special. An individualistic look at one's life through fashion, art, food, sports, etc. What makes any blog successful is the ability to remain an individual in a world of mockery.

So, here we are. My first post of the year and my declaration to remain true to me and what In Ernest will offer to the world. Because, like for Scott and so many other successful bloggers, its not always what other people will find fashionable or interesting that makes something "worthy". It's what feels right to you and what you want to say that makes it valid and worth being shared. Here's to a New Year and New Beginnings.


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