13 January 2011

How Much Is That Baggie In The Window...

So I know you all saw my post yesterday regarding the iPhone4 and my excitement to purchase it for my upcoming 25th birthday. Now I'm thinking I wanna go one step further and get myself a really nice bag as well! Over the years I've discovered the functionality of bags makes sense for both women as well as men! Let's face it, nowadays men are caring a little a more than their wallets and cellphones like before. Most men also have some form of lip balm (if he ever wants to kiss a girl he has something to keep those things moisturized), keys, ipod, reading material (for the train...talking to the city dwellers folks. Where my folks that take that public transportation???). And, I don't know about you, but I'm not about to ruin the pockets of my favorite jeans because I don't have a bag to carry my items - keys, BB (soon to be iPhone4!), wallet, lip balm.

Yes, though I may not carry much to warrant my blood thirsty crave for a bag, I'm now realizing that I want to have a signature accessory that will always add that unexpected punch to every outfit. Chanel had her pearls, Karl and Anna have their sunnies, why can't I have my bag! Besides, I live in FL and when this cold front leaves (here's hoping it lasts for a few more weeks), I'm back to keeping the outfits simple and basic to battle the heat. Would love a bag, slung across my body that will give me the fashion credit I so desperately deserve. The two bags I'm eying are from a very unlikely source, Reed Krakoff. Though I'm not the biggest fan of the logo emblazoned Coach bags he designs, I have to take my hat off to Reed. The man can design some accessories.

My boss in NY recently purchased his Utility Messenger II bag (above) and it's pretty much the sickest bag I've seen in a long time. It definitely has the "IT" bag appeal, which I'm surprised I haven't seen more starlet/editors carrying it...I wonder who's handling his PR. Anywho, the above bag is one that I'm so seriously thinking about draining my savings account for...Mom Dukes is taking care of the iPhone so we're all set there...in case you were wondering :). I just need to decide on which color - grey (though I don't wanna be a copycat) or the brown...Decisions, decisions.

What do you think?

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agnes said...

wouah....il est magnifique ce sac, j'adore