31 May 2010

Polos from Polo

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Bow Tie: Bloomingdales; Polo: Polo Ralph Lauren; Jeans: Levi 510 Super Skinny; Belt: Uniqlo; Shoes: Zara; Watch: Ted Baker

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I always feel a little more pulled together when I wear my polo tucked in with a belt and bow tie. Very dapper and always 100% on point for the day - and why not wear a polo from Polo Ralph Lauren? It's the only thing that makes sense. As I continue to build my wardrobe, I'm definitely going to be adding more and more of these shirts to the mix. The bow tie was find from Bloomingdales when I started to dabble in accessories that took a look from one place to a completely different place - that's exactly what this paisley print bow tie did.

I love the ease of Sundays and the chance to reflect back and look at another week gone by...Here's to another Stylish Sunday spent looking nothing but my best.


LaFence said...

Love the colors and how your shoes match your bowtie. Very preppy casual :)

Brittany Anne said...

Love it. Great look!

Check out my line of bowties if you want to add a few to your collection :)



J E N E E N + N I C O L E said...

I love this look!
Gon'head now'