08 May 2010

Cruel Summer...




T-Shirt: Forever 21; Necklace: Chico's; Pants: GAP; Shoes: Nikes; Watch: Michael Kors

It's officially summer here in FL, and to say I'm a little pissed is an understatement! Ugh!!!! I really hate when the sun rises say 2 or 3 and begins to cook us poor defenseless humans in our fav garments. It's not fair, it's just not fair. This summer I've decided that my work and personal wear will reflect my well curated style in a new way.

Before, I was very rebellious against rising temperatures, I'm talking cardigans, long sleeve V-neck sweaters, it was hot, sweaty mess. Logically speaking, I believed that I was going from the AC'd house, to the AC'd car, to the AC'd office...not having to worry about the elements around me. WRONG! I do so much walking at work that I need to seriously stop playing and get it together.

After reading Harper's Bazaar's May issue and Anne Monokey's article depicting her time at Ana Maria Pimental's summer wedding, she touched on while temperatures may be rising, one should not allow style to plummet. Taking her advice of incorporating light weight fabrics, cotton, cotton, and more cotton blended garments and tops. With the use bold accessories and jewelry to boost credibility of everyday basic ensembles, I definitely think now the summer won't be so cruel to my stylish ways...

Here's hoping!


Jess ♡ said...

What a lovely look :) I love love LOVE that necklace <3

LaFence said...

Cool style. Love the way you wear those pants, with the belt and rolled up legs. And your plan for the summer sounds good. Cotton and accessories.

Migue said...

Loving your style. You strike me as a Fashion-Forward Dude. Follow my blog!

Fashion-Forward Dude

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Hi honey ;)

LOVEEEEEEEE your look <3

A hug, from Portugal