23 May 2010

Stylish Sundays: Fashion Visionaire, Iris Apfel...

Iris Apfel to me is a stunning work of art. Her love of clothing, color, and most importantly accessories, and interior fabrics come through in everything she says and does. Her energy and passion makes me fall in love with STYLE all over again. I really think people miss the true meaning of personal style because they are so caught up in what's in Fashion. Fashion is something you buy, where style is something you have - an invaluable talent that we all possess.

Now please don't get me wrong, Fashion gives us the tools to create personal style...but it is truly an amazing experience to find one's self through their sartorial journey. I believe my look is minimal at times, masculine meets feminine classics! I'm also lusting over the power accessories have in taking a look from one place to somewhere completely unexpected. Like rock legends and stylish people alike, I've become less conscious of gender specific clothing, and more conscious of what I want to say to the word through my wardrobe! I honestly believe as we move towards a more modern, label-less society, where we're not defined by typical labels of man or woman, gay or straight, liberal or conservative and so on, that's when we'll see more and more people able to define who they are and what they truly want to say to the world.

In the meantime we'll have amazing, fearless, and inspiring people like the Great Iris Apfel. Enjoy the videos - I've seriously watched them over 100 times.

Happy Stylish Sunday!

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LaFence said...

What an awesomely cool lady! Love these videos!!