15 May 2011


I know it's been like forever and 3 months, but I'm back ladies and gentleman! So I'm not going to get too deep into how I found myself in my absence from the blog, I want to continue to apply a little more of myself in everything I do, and how I think there's no reason I shouldn't be as successful as the next genius with a great idea, blog, design, photo, etc...you get the picture.

Anyway, so we all know I have this crazy obsession with Lady Gaga (wait, do you know? Damn, not sure if I revealed that part of myself to you, the dear reader, but yes, I'm COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH LADY G!) and her new single Judas is beyond amazing! What's even more amazing is the video that she put together to depict a very popular story in the bible. I'm not going to bore you with how she is completely genius by making Jesus' disciples members of a biker gang and how in the end she is stoned for her betrayl of Jesus (leader of the biker gang), meeting the same fate that the Judas in the New Testament met when he betrayed Jesus and gave him to the priests.

I'll simply let you view this amazing work of art and make your own interpretation!


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Claire M. said...

I really love Lady Gaga. I'm getting gaga with her songs and of course her outfits ;)