22 September 2011

Gas or iPhone case...

Gotta have some Warhol ($38)...
Man Repeller x Dannijo...HEART FOR SURE...($98)
DUH! More Warhol...($38)

Marc Jacobs, enough said...($38)

To spend or not to spend...that is the question! That's kinda always the question for me seeing as I know jack squat about saving money (SORRY MA! I'M TRYING FOR GOODNESS SAKE!) Anyway, let me start by again, apologizing for the lack of posts - I'm sure some of you wrote me off seeing as it's been a good 5 months since my last post, but I'M BACK FOLKS AND BETTER THAN EVER!

Now that we got that little PSA out of the way, back to my little dilemma of whether or not to spend my hard earned (very little saved) money on a new iPhone case. Of course, nothing I pick is ever cost effective and the simple all black, rubber iPhone cases just won't do...while I may be working on my fitness and upping my manly points, I still work in fashion and must express myself at every given moment. And, why does iPhone cases always seem to cost so much money - Yes, I think $40 is a bit much for an iPhone case: #JUSTSAYIN. I get it, we spend $300+ on our sacred tech babies, but should protection for them cost just as much - HELLO!! CONDOMS PROTECT OUR LIVES AND THEY'RE ONLY $10 A PACK! I mean, we could implement a little CPU (Cost Per Use) for justification, but good grief, my top fav is running at $100 and I don't think I'm strong enough to pull the trigger just yet...thanks MAN REPELLER, your case shall haunt my dreams, and nightmares of my Wells Fargo financial advisor for many nights to come. 

These cases are just a few I keep searching back to...now to decide if I'm sacrificing gas or groceries this week for my new obsession...what do you think?


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