03 November 2010

When Life Serves You Lemons...

We've all heard it and said it..."When life serves you lemons, make lemonade..." Well, I've been served a shit ton of lemons in my day and honestly, lemonade aint cutting it anymore. How about, when life serves you lemons...add vodka for a fun, citrusy, summer cocktail! Now that's more like it.

My current helping of lemons comes from the inevitable fact that I won't be in NY to see, shop, and covet the Lavin <3 HM collection. Today, US editors were given a sneak peak of the collection and I have to say that I am so hating on everyone that lives in the Big Apple right now! It's not fair I tell you, it's just not fucking fair (sorry for the strong language, I just sometimes feel really strongly about certain things in life and need a little help from our good friend in the profanity department...but I digress).

The above video is a look at all of the fabulousness that will be available beginning November 23rd, although something tells me that by noon it'll all be a distant memory. This match made in fast fashion couture heaven is going to haunt my dreams with lace and chiffon, sequins and ruffles. But hey, at least I'll have this video...it'll be my porn...MY FASHION PORN! Enjoy!

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