07 November 2010

A Little More Grown Up...



Sweater: H&M; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara; Watch: Michael Kors

Sometimes I find myself fearful of the fact that I am thinking and becoming more and more like a grown-up! Yes, I said the G word. For my generation, we're all about the next party, the next premiere, the next EVERYTHING! I really find myself staying up all night just to make sure I know which celebrity wore what to the premiere of her movie. Honestly, it's quite exhausting at times.

Yes, I know! I work in fashion pr and should be all about these things. But come on! Every time you turn around there's some late breaking news about someone being arrested, pregnant, married, divorced, smacked, and the list goes on and on. I guess I really shouldn't complain giving that I'm what you would consider a nosy rosy and want to know everyone's bizness at ALL times! I'm just saying, like my mom and G-ma would say...it'd be nice if the world was a little more calm and we had a little more time to just smell the magnolias.

Words of wisdom for a beautiful Sunday!


Follow me but shut up said...

love your pants...

Taylor B. said...

Acting a little mature never hurt anyone as long as you remember to be a kid sometimes.
This outfit is really great. Dressed up but not too much. Just how I like my guy when we go out.